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We can simplify the often overwhelming task of planning a vacation, and payment plans are available as well, meaning that you can take the vacation when it's convenient, and pay for it as you’re able.


Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?

It’s not required, but we do highly recommend it.


In the unlikely event that you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance that requires you to leave the ship and stay behind in a location, your passport makes the process of getting home infinitely easier. No one wants to think of something going awry and requiring alternative arrangements, but having a passport in hand can forestall extra trouble…and when you decide to book an international trip through us, you’ll already have it!

Should I book a cruise or a trip to an all-inclusive resort?

Your preferences will depend on your individual tastes. Do you enjoy knowing that all costs are paid for upfront? You may enjoy an all-inclusive resort vacation. Would you prefer on board activities with the opportunity for brief forays to exciting ports? Try a cruise.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to book everything myself, online?

Using an experienced professional to book your travel offers a few advantages. First, you get a real person who is able to listen to your preferences and tastes, and guide you accordingly.

Additionally, if something goes wrong and you need to get a refund, rain check, or reschedule, someone who can negotiate the system and advise you about insurance, etc. can actually save you more money in the long run. Many online services have fine print that ends up costing customers big when something changes plans.

If I book a trip and COVID-19 restrictions cause closures again, will I lose money?

WIth us as your travel advocate, you’ll have all of your concerns taken into account during the planning stage. Travel insurance is something we encourage as a means for preparing for worst case scenarios, and partnering with an agency where you have one point of contact is a great way to keep the process streamlined.

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